Chapter 9

Central Ohio


EAA Chapter 9 has a dedicated group of active homebuilders.  Projects range from plans to build kit aircraft for "low and slow" weekend fliers to "super speed" turbine powered machines for cross-country.  

If you are working on a project and would like some visitors to check it out, please let us know. Chapter 9 has also declared April as Builder Month; find out how you can get involved.

EAA Chapter 9 is very interested in increasing our involvement and support of homebuilding, if you have ideas, please sent an email to

Also Visit EAA Intro to Aircraft Building Page.



We host periodic builder visits to view member projects. Check our EVENTS tab often to catch one of these meetings. It is a great way to meet new folks and learn something about the art of aircraft construction. Open to all guests.


Technical Assistance

If you need technical assistant at any stage of your homebuilding project or even prior to starting a project, please contact one of our chapter Technical Counselors. 


Contact Us


EAA Chapter 9
The Ohio State University Airport (KOSU)
2160 W Case Rd
Columbus, OH 43235
(614) 423-9101

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