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About IMC Club

The Central Ohio EAA/IMC Club was formed to accomplish three goals:


1. Share critical and timely technical information regarding instrument flight through video scenarios, group discussions, and expert presenters.


2. Foster a “culture of safety” among central Ohio aviators.


3. Set the occasion for IFR and VFR pilots to interact within a social environment. 


Meetings are held on the 4thWednesday of month, September through May, at the Quest Conference Center (8405 Pulsar Place, Columbus, OH 43240). Meetings are held from 7pm to 8:30pm. Meeting dates for November and December are adjusted earlier in the month to accommodate seasonal holidays. Refreshments are provided, and FAA WINGS credit is provided. There is no additional cost for attending. All pilot experience levels are welcome. IMC Club program coordinator is Tim Heron (



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April 24, 2019 Columbus Ohio IMC Club Meeting FAASTeam

May 22, 2019 Columbus Ohio IMC Club Meeting FAASTeam





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Emergency procedure Garmin 430/530

Past Events...


March 27, 2019 Columbus Ohio IMC Club Meeting

Speaker(s): John Walters
Brief Description:

In addition to the tangible differences that exist when moving to higher performance (HP) and turbo-prop aircraft, John Walters will discuss the opportunities and challenges all pilots face when stepping up to these levels of airplanes.  In every case, things happen much faster and advanced, initial and recurrent training is required, especially with respect to engine operating procedures and emergencies. John’s presentation will focus on 3 to 4 actual situations that occurred and how he handled them. John will conclude with essential recommendations when moving to a HP and turbo-prop aircraft.  

February 27, 2019 Columbus Ohio IMC Club Meeting

The “Swiss Cheese” model of accident/incident causation illustrates that despite barriers, weaknesses, and systemic flaws in existing defenses, tumblers may align under just the right conditions to set the occasion for an undesirable outcome. After viewing a scenario-based, animated video where holes in both ATC and pilot barriers aligned, an interactive discussion will follow on possible preflight, en route, and approach remedies to address future situations.

Please mark your calendar and plan to attend, and bring a friend and aviation colleague. Refreshments will be provided and WINGS credit will be awarded.



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