Chapter 9

Central Ohio

Jerry Isbell and his Piper Pacer


A friend and I bought an Ercoupe in 1998. I wanted to fly the airplane to KOSH for AirVenture but there just wasn’t enough room for the equipment and my wife.

The Ercoupe was sold in 2000 and we bought a Piper Pacer (Tri-Pacer converted to a Pacer), flew to AirVenture and never looked back. The other pilot sold his half of the Pacer to me a few years later,  so Kay and I have plenty of room for luggage and fuel.. we have flown all over the US and Canada. We are based at Port Columbus where I completed my solo work in 1968, on 28Right. I am still flying in Ohio (after years of worldwide flying), teaching people to fly. Someday I may retire…  maybe. Jerry and Kay Isbell

Web Editors note:  Jerry Isbell's Pacer was featured as the cover photo and cover story in the EAA 9 February 2009 Newsletter.  You can view the February 2009 newsletter by clicking here.   

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